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MOJO Critter Sitter HW2309

MOJO introduces a combination chair/backpack especially for the predator hunter. The Critter Sitter is a backpack that will conveniently hold all your gear and allow you to conveniently transport it from stand to stand, and then readily convert to a comfortable and functional chair.

This is a well thought out chair/backpack designed by professional predator hunter Byron South. This chair will help you remain still and comfortable while on stand, which is vital when calling predators. In addition to just being a chair it has several key features that will come in very handy on your hunts.

  • Adjustable, padded back support.
  • Adjustable, padded backpack straps.
  • Carry handle
  • Two small front pockets for gear such as calls, ammo, gloves, batteries, camera, etc. These pockets are designed to where they are accessible while sitting on chair).
  • One mid-size pocket to carry digital game call or other larger items. This pocket is also accessible while sitting.
  • One large pocket for stowing other items such as jacket, rain gear etc.
  • Sleeve mounted on side for stowing shooting sticks in between hunts
  • Two mesh side pockets for water bottle or other items.
  • Bottom of chair frame is designed for stability on uneven, rough ground.
  • Heavy-duty materials and construction. This chair can handle a lot of use.

With these features you can keep all your gear in one pack ready for the hunt at any time, plus have a comfortable chair to sit in when you get to where you're hunting. Maybe most important of all, the chair is of proper height for accurate shooting.

Price: $149.00

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