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Deluxe Universal Game Caller & Remote Controller

Simply press a button to play a recording. Developed for the beginner and the experienced Outdoor person, our Universal Game Caller will be beneficial to hunters, photographers, bird watchers and anyone else interested in the great outdoors.

2016 New Product release.

Main Hand Unit Features:

  • Larger Speaker: 75mm
  • 15 volume control levels
  • Volume Output: 120+ decibels (no need for 8 watt Amp)
  • Two x Interchangeable sound cards slots = 10 recordings
  • Operates on 4 x AA batteries for extra longevity (not supplied)
  • Alternative DC 6-12V DC power socket
  • New STOP button design: features STOP/PAUSE.


Wireless Remote Controller features


  • Five play back buttons
  • Volume UP/DOWN buttons
  • STOP button
  • Remote Controller distance from 8 to 100 metres line of sight
  • Operates on 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied)
  • Lanyard hole on back for carrying
  • Small Palm Size/lightweight

Note: Uses the same Wireless Remote and Yellow labelled sound cards as the current model Caller for easier upgrade.

Current sound modules available (5 recordings per card)
An information card is supplied with every sound module purchase.
Keep watching this space for new sound card releases.

Red Deer:
Stag roar
Stag roar 2
Stag grunt
Hind call
Fawn call

Mallard Duck:
Hail call
Greeting Call
Clucks & Quacks
The Paralyser
Duck flock

Sika Deer:
Single Call
He-haw call
Stag mew
Spiker call
Fawn call

Fallow buck grunt
Fallow doe call
Fallow fawn call
Rusa stag roar
Rusa hind call

Fox cubs


Wild Dog

A key benefit with the wireless remote when hunting/filming or photographing animals, they will always come direct to the source of the sound. By placing the main hand unit at a distance, this will enable you a better look at the approaching animals. This is also a great SAFETY feature.

NB: Game Caller does not include a sound card. All cards sold separately.

Price: $225.00

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