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Hogs of Oz 3

Hunting is a way of life and by not turning our backs and neglecting where we have evolved from is very important to many of us, it is a survival instinct that comes with being a human.

And bowhunting to me feels as natural as water does to a fish, so with more and more people now finding or answering that instinct that's still in all of us and not wanting to let go of or change who and what we are. I've gone about putting Hogs of Oz 3 together a little slower paced than what you're probably use to from a 2 Blade Productions DVD, but by showing a lot more of the stalks from who a to go, people wanting to learn bowhunting can see first hand what it takes to get in close, and see how patience and waiting for the right angle to make the shot are vital keys to being a proficient bowhunter. It's not about killing everything you come across but more about making the right decisions, knowing your limitations, learning about and respecting the animal you're hunting and experiencing and appreciating the bush. Being able to supply and put food on the table, and or taking part of the animal out of admiration and respect to be remembered, is something we cherish and has always been done.

In "Hogs of Oz 3" join Brad Smith and a few of his good mates in this third edition to the very successful Hogs of Oz series. They hunt some of their favourite country in the ranges along the Great Divide in NSW, before taking on some impressive boars that inhabit the swamps of the basalt wall north west of Charters Towers.

Then head further north and witness a number of bowhunters close in on plenty of good boars on guided hunts in Qld's Cape York Peninsula.

Around 30 boars are taken on film including 5 or 6 thirty pointer's
The DVD runs just shy of 2 hours and is rated MA15+ (hunting violence and some course language).

Price: $39.99

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