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Bushman Brooks – Snowy Mountain Fallow

Dave Brooks, the hunter and Dave Eggins, the cameraman have been best mates for more than 20 years. They grew up on the far north coast of New South Wales (NSW) and had many adventures in their local rainforests, mountains, scrub, farmlands and coastline. If ever there was adventure, these guys were there. The two Daves have embarked on their biggest adventure of their lives by making the third DVD in the Bushman Brooks adventure series, Bushman Brooks - Snowy Mountain Fallow.

Another awesome hunting trip filmed in open country in Australia's scenic Snowy Mountains in southern NSW, some 520kms or 323 miles south-west of the state capital of Sydney, where Bushman Brooks showcases bowhunting feral fallow deer. And boy, did he get into the thick of it. It is amazing as he gets up nice and close to these majestic animals and to take a couple down for food, skins and antlers.

The first of this two part DVD is shot on this private cattle property. Dave Brooks is invited to take some feral fallow deer. In the middle of the rut season, the stags are thick on the ground and roaring and carrying on as they fight and chase the ladies. There is lots of rutting activity. He even takes out a couple of bunnies along the way. This bowhunting action has been shot in high definition for your total enjoyment.

As well as bowhunting, Dave Brooks provides an overview on his current gear, a 4WD and off-roading update, how to make your own knife and talks about what he has done to his truck to make it better for getting him where he wants to go. He shares a few camping tips and tricks, including bush tucker and cooking up a fresh venison stew and tasty damper in his camp cooking segment and builds a few bushcraft contraptions to make camping more comfy.

The second part features over 55 minutes of bonus material including Dave's custom made knives and his knife making, the actual gear and clothing featured in the DVD.

The Snowy Mountain Fallow has an approximate total run time of just over two and a half hours including special features. It features great new music, specially written by Matt Roberts and Dave Eggins. NTSC Format - suitable for playback on Australian and international DVD players, televisions and computers.

Rated M The content is moderate in impact. Films classified M (Mature) contain content of a moderate impact and are recommended for teenagers aged 15 years and over.

Running time 57 minutes.

Price: $39.99

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