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Barefoot Bowhunting Safaris

Barefoot Bowhunting Safaris” By Wayne Preece, Tony Stoyanovski and professional guide Clint Roxburgh.

Extreme Adventures Downunder is a series of hunting and special destination DVDs which we hope will assist the hunter and traveller alike to find special places around Australia. These predominantly hunting destinations will give you a glimpse on where and how to get there and if in fact they are worthwhile.

Merluna Stations is our first foray into providing the detail so that the bowhunter visiting the cape can get a better idea on what to expect on arrival. This DVD series will provide a much more personal experience than surfing the internet.

Join Wayne Preece and his hunting buddy Tony Stoyanovski and feel part of this exciting hunt with professional guide Clint Roxburgh of Barefoot Bowhunting Safaris.

Price: $39.99

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