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Spinifex Ankle Gaiters

The Spinifex Ankle Gaiters are heavy-duty, minimalist gaiter comes in either double layered 450D ripstop Nylon or tight woven core spun canvas. The Spinifex Ankle Gaiters are front opening, so you can put them on after your shoes to guard the insides and socks from stones, sticks, seeds and sand.

Great for when you are hiking in the bush, finding that special fishing spot or for tradesmen to keep the stones out of your boots.  Doing those jobs around the garden on the weekend, the ankle gaiters will keep your boots free of debris – no more garden clippings stuck to your socks!


  • Comfy and cool warm climate gaiter
  • 50mm adjustable front opening
  • 316 stainless steel lace hook
  • One size fits most
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Price: $34.95

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