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Gone Huntin’ Again!: Hunting & Guiding Adventures from BC’s North Coast to the Cassiars

by Pat Ferguson

185 pp | Hardback

Pat Ferguson is an old time raconteur of the finest kind. He cut his teeth in the ranch country of British Columbia and has walked and climbed and ridden horses through the wildest places that the mountains have to offer. As a hunting guide, Ferguson has had extensive experience in remote game fields and packed out trophies like sheep, goats, moose and grizzly bears for paying clients. He has also mentored his sons in all the backwoods skills needed to pursue the hardest hunts at the timberline fringe.

In this, his third book, "Fergie" takes the reader along the trail - and on fly-in hunts -  as he leads others in search of mountain goats, stone sheep, caribou and moose. He is a master at finding the humour in a tough situation and never afraid to have the last laugh on himself.  Through full coulour photographs and lively text,  the author takes the reader into the backcountry at a breakneck pace with a full pack and a thirst for adventure. For those who love a good story, Ferguson shares the good times and the often hard life of a wilderness hunting guide.

Price: $55.00

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