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Suede 45 PF Rifle Backpack

Technical, silent hunting rucksack in suede with FREEDOM AIR MESH back system in breathable mesh. It features adjustable padded shoulder straps with sliding chest strap and snug waist belt. This rucksack is also fitted with our new front foldaway rifle pocket with adjustable straps to keep it securely and safely stowed during long trips. Additionally, by closing the lower pocket it becomes a spacious and practical stow pocket. Equipped with front accessory pocket printed with SOS instruction panel, two handy side pockets with padded bases, and a pocket on the lid. Fitted with an internal heat-sealed liner, which can be removed for washing. Pull-out rain cover in base.


Weight: 1700g
Fabric: Suede
Dimensions: 52x34x15cm

Price: $349.00

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