Wild Deer and Hunting Adventures Magazine

Wild Deer and Hunting adventures magazine had its origins back in 2004-2005 when its creator Daniel Burke decided to try and enter the recreational hunting magazine market with a magazine aimed specifically at deer hunters-photographers. Essentially he was trying to get as many people to share their adventures either by photos or with stories and it has gone from strength to strength in the ensuing years. In recent times, the amount of women getting involved has increased dramatically as well as having a very healthy input from overseas readers.

Hunting, and deer hunting in particular, has had a massive spike in participating members in recent years and you only have to look at the photos gracing the pages of Wild Deer Magazine to see that the vast majority are a younger generation of men and women. Through the magazine, they are essentially sharing their photo albums with the world.

One of the enduring and popular parts of the magazine is the section dedicated to children. Daniel’s father Robert has a column each edition which he always ends with, ‘Bring the kids.’ The magazine has a big emphasis on involving the kids at a young age, and in particular, educating them correctly in firearm use.

Firearm safety is a common theme in stories and items for review are regularly along these lines, whether it be high visiblilty clothing, personal safety beacons or regulated educational courses. This will continue to be a major part of the magazine. The magazine has generously donated to various charities over the years, including a large sum to CIKA, or cancer in kids at the Royal Children’s Hospital, as a result of the large hunting expo it was the major sponsor of this year.