Sambar Hunter’s Edge

Sambar Hunter’s Edge provides a course specifically designed and tailored to help new and aspiring sambar deer stalkers realise the dream of becoming a successful sambar hunter.

Traditionally it takes dedication, time and effort to become proficient at hunting sambar deer.  Deer hunting knowledge and skills have always taken a considerable amount of time to accumulate. This is where I can help.

My Sambar Hunter’s Edge education course will provide the new hunter with knowledge and information that would take several years to learn individually. You will learn more in a weekend with Sambar Hunter’s Edge than you would in a year by yourself. We will steer you away from the pitfalls commonly encountered by deer hunters and show you a purposeful path to success.

The course is held on private property in the heart of Victorian Sambar country North of Licola. Located approximately 3 hours drive from Pakenham on the Eastern outskirts of Melbourne.  Course participants are accommodated in a comfortable bush hut located in spectacular sambar country.  Access is via 12 kilometres of good dirt road. (Although a 4X4 is not necessary we recommend at least a SUV.)

Because the forest is the home of sambar the bush offers the ideal classroom to learn about hunting through practical examples. (While the learning experience is in the bush there is a contingency plan in place to retreat to the warm, dry hut in the event of very bad weather.)

The important topics and skills necessary to becoming an effective sambar stalker are covered. This includes learning about the deer, the habitat, the equipment and developing the skills required. But most importantly while in the bush you will be shown different stalking techniques and how to locate deer.

Sambar hunters are Bushmen with special refined skills such as tracking and sign interpretation. I can show you how to develop and refine these skills. Sambar leave evidence of their presence and passing, like rubs, preaching trees, wallows, scrapes and browse sign.  I will show you how to recognise and interpret fresh sign and you will be amazed at the tricks of the trade.  When you learn how to recognise and interpret deer sign it will open another door to the world of the sambar hunter.  How to find and select good hunting country is also covered.

You will also learn about the importance of marksmanship and how to improve it so as to achieve consistent quick humane kills.

Importantly this is about you and because I cater for small groups of about 4 people, you are encouraged to participate and I am willing and able to devote time to your questions with additional time on the subjects you would like to expand.

The course is run on weekends and starts with us meeting by 4 pm Friday at the bush hut and it will conclude on the Sunday at 1 pm. This includes introductory subjects on Friday night and a full day in the bush on Saturday. Sunday will see us refine what we have learnt over the weekend.

All meals, snacks and refreshments are provided.

You are required to bring your own sleeping bag as linen is not supplied. (Over night outside temperatures in winter will drop below freezing.)

What to Bring.

  • Medication.
  •  Toiletries and towel.
  • Clothing to suite the weather. Eg. Warm clothing for winter.
  • A complete change of clothing in case (when) you get wet including dry footwear.
  • Comfortable boots and sox.
  • Rain coat/jacket.
  • Camera.
  • Torch & batteries.
  • Day pack if you have one.
  • Binoculars if you have them.

Not all items are necessary and you may like to bring other items however firearms are not required.

This item is however necessary: Plenty of enthusiasm.

Let me give you the Sambar Hunter’s Edge. (Knowledge.) With 40 plus years of sambar hunting experience combined with over 25 years as a hunter education presenter, I have the background to deliver and I will.

Bookings & further information.

Contact Peter Burke: Or phone 0418 525 440